Tips for Catching Striped Bass

If anglers in New England seem a little giddy come spring, it isn’t just because of the warming temperatures. It’s because spring is the season for hunting one of the most popular fishing targets in the Northeast: striped bass.

Elusive and unpredictable, stripers are a fun opponent for recreational fishermen. As water temperatures warm in the spring, stripers migrate north through New England waters, working up an appetite along the way that makes them easier to catch.

When looking for striped bass, keep an eye out for birds. A flock of hungry birds over the water could be feeding on baitfish being chased the surface by hungry stripers below them.

Anglers should consider the color of the lures they use to attract striped bass. Stripers want to see what they’re eating, so a bright lure works best in murky water and a natural-colored lure works well in clear water.

Stripers are heat-sensitive, so they are more active when the sun is low. That means fishermen are better off hunting for them at dawn or dusk.

Finally, striped bass are constantly on the move. So fishermen also need to be constantly moving. If a hotspot has suddenly turned cold, don’t wait for it to get hot again. It’s time to move on.