How to Stock Your Onboard First Aid Kit

Most of your boating days are filled with carefree, good times. But occasionally you might have an injury onboard – whether you cut your finger when slicing limes for a drink or you fall on a slippery deck. Suffering an injury on the water is more serious than at home because you don’t have the luxury of your home medicine cabinet and you don’t have quick access to emergency medical care. So it’s important to have a well-stocked onboard first aid kit to help yourself or others. Here’s what you should have in your first aid kit.

  • Basics such as adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic cream and aspirin
  • A first aid instruction book to guide you in an emergency
  • Medication for stomach ailments like motion sickness, diarrhea and indigestion
  • Anti-itch lotion or cream
  • Chemical ice packs
  • Medical tools such as tweezers, scissors, gloves and cotton swabs
  • Clean towels to stop bleeding or wrap ice
  • Bottled water to rinse wounds
  • Butterfly bandages to close open wounds
  • Splint material to stabilize a broken bone
  • Bandages to wrap a wrist or ankle
  • Eye drops in case you get a substance in your eye
  • Burn cream or ointment