Don’t Lose Fish Because of Neglected Gear

Sometimes we get so caught up in the action of fishing that we overlook small details that can sabotage our efforts to land that trophy catch. No angler wants to lose a memorable fish only to find it’s because of something simple that they took for granted. Here are a few culprits known to cost anglers fish, and how to avoid them.

  • You should regularly check your lines for any damage. Line can be weakened from being scraped against rocks and pilings, the effects of salt water and sunlight, and from prolonged battles with fish.
  • Inspect your rod guides. A chipped guide can form a sharp edge that easily slices line. Use a piece of cotton to check your rod guide. An edge will snag some material.
  • Make sure the line roller on the bail arm of your spinning reel is turning freely.
  • Check that your drag is properly set. Test it by pulling line off your reel before casting. If it feels like it is sticking, you should get it serviced.