Chasing Albies on Cape Cod

False albacore and bonito are great late summer species for anglers to target. Both arrive off Cape Cod in late August and generally stay through mid-October. Albies and bonnies look similar, but you can tell the two apart because bonito have sharper teeth while false albacore have several black marks under their pectoral fins and they have rounder bodies.

Both albies and bonnies chase small baitfish, so anglers will have good results using shiny metal spoons and small jigs that imitate small prey. Flies can also be very effective.

False albacore and bonito aren’t terribly predictable. At times, they might only feed on certain tides or at certain times of the day, so anglers need to work to figure out their feeding pattern.

These fish are known to show up anywhere you’ll find baitfish, but a good bet is to look for areas with a good current and clear water, such as the mouths of inlets and rivers. Also, look for points of land and riplines.

On Cape Cod, a good place to look is the stretch of water between Woods Hole and Popponessett. The Elizabeth Islands are known for holding albies and bonnies, as are the waters along the northern coast of Martha’s Vineyard from Gay Head to Oak Bluffs and over at Cape Pogue.