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In just three short years since they began selling Pursuit boats, Bosun’s Marine has become one of the Top 5 Pursuit dealers in the world. That’s a rapid rise, but it’s probably no surprise to anyone familiar with Pursuit and Bosun’s — a boating line and a dealership that together form a masterful blend of quality, reliability and know-how. For boaters, that means dealing with great people and getting a great boat.

Pursuit is an easy boating line to be proud to offer, says Steve Chase, the general manager of Bosun’s Marine’s Peabody, Massachusetts location. With a diverse selection of high-quality boats, such as center consoles, dual consoles, offshore vessels, sport tenders and the new 365 sport coupe, Pursuit has a vessel to meet the demands of any New England boater, from saltwater fishing in the open ocean to picnicking and water-skiing on an inland lake.

“These boats are extremely well-built and finely finished with a lot of attention to detail,” says Chase.

Pursuit focuses on quality over quantity when creating their boats, says Chase, and that’s apparent from each boat’s smooth ride, its comfortable and luxurious layout and amenities, and in details such as wiring and cabinetry. That results in exceptional customer satisfaction, says Chase, not to mention excellent resale value.

“I think that we’re a timelessly-styled boat,” says David Glenn, the director of marketing for Pursuit Boats. “It has a lot of yacht-caliber features.” He says Pursuit is a luxury brand built with premium materials, premium finish, premium gel coat, and a construction that is reliable and durable while also providing a great ride.

Glenn also says that in Bosun’s Marine, Pursuit has found the right dealer. “You can’t partner with just anyone,” he says.

Bosun’s Marine is a company that shares the same philosophy and style as Pursuit, says Glenn. When Pursuit looks for a dealer to represent their brand, he says, they want the absolute best dealer in the area. They want a dealer with great resources, a quality operation and plenty of know-how that helps support the customer before and after a sale.

“Bosun’s is that kind of dealership,” says Glenn.

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