5 Places to Find Fish

It’s easy to be a good fisherman. At least, it is if you know where to find fish. Successful anglers know that some spots consistently hold more game fish than others. You can greatly improve your chances of landing them when you know what to look for. Here are a few spots known to consistently hold fish.

  1. Transition Zones – Wherever the shoreline or bottom changes has the potential to hold fish. Find areas where there is a steep drop off, where large rocks meet sand and grass, or where boulders give way to small rocks.
  2. Areas Where Water Color Changes – After heavy rainfall, you’ll often see different water colors near a river mouth, creek or bay. Here, dirty water butts up against cleaner ocean or bay water. This creates a transition zone where game fish love to feed.
  3. Bridges – Bridges often feature moving water, a channel drop-off and rocky structure. These are known to attract game fish. Bridges also create a shadow line, which attracts fish looking to avoid direct sunlight.
  4. Docks – Bait and game fish use docks for shade and cover. As small silversides and shrimp move to the dock for protection, predators also head there to hunt them.
  5. Dark Bottom – Spots of darkness in a light-colored area attracts game fish. Look for dark patches of gravel, shell or eelgrass along a light-colored flat or sandy beach.