5 Great Lures for New England Fishing

neb image- diamond jig

Diamond Jig

When it comes to fishing, using the right lure makes all the difference. Here in New England, local fishermen chasing inshore game fish have learned that some lures are more consistently effective than others. Here are a few of the best.

  1. Santini Tube – This lure moves like an eel, making it highly effective for bluefish and stripers. Use a live seaworm on the hook and troll it low and slow around rocks and ledges.
  2. Diamond Jig – Imitating baitfish like squid and herring, this lure’s wobbling movement and its reflective sides grab the attention of predators.
  3. bosuns danny plug lure

    Danny Plug

    Danny Plug – This wooden lure is easy for fish to spot, and if you reel it in slowly it wiggles like a wounded baitfish. It’s great to use when stripers are feeding on herring and squid near rocky shorelines.

  4. Slug Go – A soft plastic lure that comes in a variety of sizes, the Slug Go is incredibly versatile and attracts most species of game fish in New England.
  5. Cordell Pencil Popper – With its hard plastic body and two sets of trebles, the wobbling action on this lure and the sound of its internal rattles attracts a variety of fish, including stripers, bluefish and tuna.