Christmas presents under the tree

10 Great Gift Ideas for Boaters

You might know several people who are hard to shop for during the holidays. But the boater in your life shouldn’t be one of them. There are plenty of great gifts you can get boaters. Here are 10 of them.

  1. Fishing Lures – New lures are always a hit among fishermen. There’s a seemingly endless selection of lures you can choose from. You can also make fishing lures a gift that gives all year long by signing your angler up for one of the many “lure of the month” clubs available online.
  2. Tools – Good tools are essential on a boat. A sharp knife or a multi-tool can help a boater tackle a variety of tasks. Needle nose pliers can cut line or remove a fishing hook. Look for tools that won’t easily corrode.
  3. Folding Bicycle – A folding bicycle is perfect for a boater who enjoys cruising. These bikes are easily stored onboard, and they’re a convenient way to explore a port you’re visiting. 
  4. Fish Finders – A fish finder is a valuable part of any fishermen’s arsenal. You can choose from a variety of styles, from finders you can mount on your boat to small, portable handheld fish finders. There’s even a castable fish finder called the iBobber ( that uses an app to let you find fish on your smartphone or tablet.
  5. Personal Locator Beacon – Every boater should carry a PLB onboard. If a boater has a problem, the PLB will use satellites to give their location to rescue personnel.
  6. Boat Shoes – Every boater should have a pair of comfortable, non-marking boat shoes. These stylish shoes provide grip on a wet deck and help repel water.
  7. Rod and Reel Organizer – It can be a pain for anglers to haul around a bunch of rods and reels. Several travel carrying cases on the market make it easy to transport multiple rods and reels and keep them organized.
  8. Waterproof Electronics Cases – If you carry your electronics on a boat, chances are they’re going to get wet. Protect your iPod, smartphone or tablet by getting waterproof cases.
  9. Lifejackets – Lifejackets are the most important piece of equipment on a boat. Even if your boater already has lifejackets onboard, it could be time for an upgrade. Today’s lifejackets are stylish, comfortable, and some don’t inflate until you hit the water.
  10. Towables – Zipping over the water on a towable is one of boating’s most exciting activities. You can choose from a variety of different towables, such as standard tubes, flat deck tubes and multi-rider tubes that come in many shapes.