Tips for Striper Fishing on Cape Cod

Each May, when the weather turns warm, fishermen all over Cape Cod start thinking about striper fishing.

Striped bass are one of the most popular sport fish in New England. Unpredictable and elusive, stripers are a fun, challenging fish for local anglers…

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5 Places to Find Fish

It’s easy to be a good fisherman. At least, it is if you know where to find fish. Successful anglers know that some spots consistently hold more game fish than others. You can greatly improve your chances of landing…

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How to Keep Your Fishing Hooks Sharp

Catching fish is hard enough. There’s no need to make it harder by using dull fishing hooks. You can keep your fishing hooks sharp by occasionally giving them a little TLC. It’s easy to do and…

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Tautog Fishing Tips

Autumn is tautog season for New England fishermen, who enjoy bottom fishing for this hard fighting, great tasting fish. Also known as blackfish, tautog migrate into shallow, rocky areas once the water temperature dips into the lower 60s, and…

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5 Great Lures for New England Fishing

When it comes to fishing, using the right lure makes all the difference. Here in New England, local fishermen chasing inshore game fish have…

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The Right Way to Catch and Release Fish

Knowing proper catch and release techniques are as important for any good fisherman as knowing how to cast your line or bait a hook. Practicing catch and release helps protect fish populations, which helps protect this activity that we…

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Get out on the water and enjoy some boating and fishing!

June 4th through the 12th is National Fishing & Boating Week

It’s a National celebration that highlights the benefits of boating and fishing.

Click below on the site to learn more about where to boat, where to fish, how to get licensed,…

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Tips for Catching Striped Bass

If anglers in New England seem a little giddy come spring, it isn’t just because of the warming temperatures. It’s because spring is the season for hunting one of the most popular fishing targets in the…

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