Exploring Cape Cod’s Bass River

The waters off the coast of Cape Cod are renowned for their great cruising and fishing. But excellent Cape Cod boating and fishing can also be found inland.

A prime example of this is the Bass River. Home…

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Boat Running Smoothly

You put in the work this spring to get your boat in tip-top shape for the summer, and now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, smart boaters know they still need to give their…

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Improve Your Boat Docking Skills

Docking your vessel is often one of the most stressful parts of boating, especially when trying to maneuver in crowded areas or tricky configurations. Take the stress out of it and up your docking game by following these tips.

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How to Stock Your Onboard First Aid Kit

Most of your boating days are filled with carefree, good times. But occasionally you might have an injury onboard – whether you cut your finger when slicing limes for a drink or you fall on a slippery deck. Suffering…

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How Boaters Can Help the Environment

A clean, healthy environment is as necessary for a day of great boating as water and sunny skies. After all, nobody wants to swim, fish or wakeboard in polluted water. Boaters can do their part to keep the boating…

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Choosing a Lifejacket

Boaters seldom put much thought into lifejackets. Instead, they’d rather focus on the “fun” parts of boating – cruising to a new destination, offshore fishing with friends, or socializing onboard on a clear summer evening.

When it comes…

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Boater’s Guide to Boston Harbor

A natural delight right on the doorstep of New England’s largest city, Boston Harbor is one of the most unique and enjoyable boating destinations in the Northeast.

Most of the harbor’s 34 islands are part of a…

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Tips on How to Buy Your First Boat

If you’re considering buying your first boat, you might feel overwhelmed worrying about what factors you should consider and what questions you should be asking. Here are a few tips to help guide you during your first boat purchase.

Consider how you…

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How to Keep Your Fishing Hooks Sharp

Catching fish is hard enough. There’s no need to make it harder by using dull fishing hooks. You can keep your fishing hooks sharp by occasionally giving them a little TLC. It’s easy to do and…

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A Boater’s Guide to Salem, Massachusetts

salem-town-sign-bosunsMost people are familiar with Salem, Massachusetts for it being a hotbed of witchcraft, psychic arts and other mystical interests. But there’s more to Salem that its preoccupation with the supernatural….

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