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The Laser Sport Shell

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Building on the practical, seaworthy tradition established by Laser in the 1980’s, Rossiter has purchased the molds and production rights, improved the performance and functionality, and is building the Laser Sport Shell once again.

This quality craft combines the features of the original Laser with the seaworthiness and safety of a full deck boat. With a beam of 28 inches, its enhanced stability makes it ideal for beginners and heavyweights alike. The sliding seat rig is also light and strong with a fully adjustable foot stretcher for folks of all sizes. The outriggers are made of stainless steel, and can be removed quickly to help make transportation or storage very easy, and the Concept II oarlocks are fully adjustable.

Since bringing the shell back into production, we’ve made a few minor improvements, adjusting the location of the seat tracks and watertight storage hatch and sock, to improve comfort and convenience. We’ve also eliminated the plastic skeg and integrated it right into the hull, getting rid of the original design’s only real shortcoming.

As with all Rossiter Boats, the Laser Sport Shells are built for each individual customer and, as such, you can choose from a range of color combinations to match your tastes. You also have the option of Kevlar if you would like yours a little lighter.

LOA 18′ 5.5m
Beam 28″ 71.1cm
Weight 85lbs 38kg
Capacity 225lbs 102kg

MSRP $3,750 excluding oars

Local dealer price may vary due to taxes, freight, etc.


  • 28” beam offering enhanced stability for beginners and heavyweights
  • Small cockpit and full decks for seaworthiness
  • Positive flotation
  • Fully adjustable, comfortable foot stretcher, with bare feet or shoes
  • Easy-to-remove stainless steel outriggers
  • Concept II oarlocks offering height and pitch adjustments
  • Line cleat on the bow
  • Stern drain plug


  • Sitka Spruce & Ash Spoon Blade Oars
  • Carbon Fiber Hatchet Blade Oars
  • Custom-fitted color-matched Sunbrella cover
  • Kevlar construction



Laser Rowing Shell Accessories


Wood oars, macon blades 500.00
Carbon fibre oars, hatchet blades 650.00
Oar collars 45.00
Seat and under carriage (plastic seat) 275.00
Plastic seat top only 130.00
Port & starboard outriggers 375.00
Oarlocks, concept ii, fully adujustable pair 185.00
Bottom fin (skeg) slot design only 30.00
Bottom fin (skeg) screw in type – Aluminum 45.00
Drain plug with screws 18.00
Foot stretcher with straps and cross bars 325.00
Foot stretcher tracks 40.00
Foot straps only (2 buckle with neoprene padding) 95.00
Outrigger Spring Pins 15.00
Access hatch 4″ 25.00
Access hatch 5″ 28.00
Gunwale clamps, bolts, wing nuts & washers 35.00
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