Achilles Inflatable Boats

LEX Series

stock Number: 1245

These timeless tenders still offer boaters the classic inflatable look and functionality that has made them so popular

They represent the culmination of many subtle refinements over the years that have kept them technologically current while maintaining their traditional appearance. A sleek bow design and ample interior space come together in this classic tender. A teardrop rub strake deflects spray and improves protection from the inevitable collisions with docks and boat hulls. Other subtle quality features range from an adjustable range wood seat to molded rubber oar holders. They all add up to a solid, reliable tender that combines practicality and performance in an economical package.

LEX Standard Features include:

Achilles CSM fabric; air keel; self-locking wood floorboards; fold-down, locking oar system; two-piece breakdown aluminum oars and oar holders; full-length tear drop rubbing strake; removable wood rowing seat; carry bag; foot pump; towing bridle D-rings; protective transom motor clamp plate; life lines; self bailer valve and maintenance kit.

LEX-77 LEX-88 LEX-96
Color  Lt. Gray  Lt. Gray  Lt. Gray
Length  7’7″ (230 cm)  8’8″ (265 cm)  9’6″ (290 cm)
Inside Length  4’11” (149 cm)   5’11” (180 cm)  6’9″ (205 cm)
Beam  4’9″ (144 cm)  4’9″ (144 cm)  4’9″ (144 cm)
Inside Beam  2’2″ (66 cm)  2’2″ (66 cm)  2’2″ (66 cm)
Tube Diameter  15.5″ (39 cm)  15.5″ (39 cm)  15.5″ (39 cm)
Weight  62 lbs. (28 kg)   69 lbs. (31 kg)   74 lbs. (33.5 kg)
Load Capacity  730 lbs. (330 kg)  900 lbs. (410 kg)   990 lbs. (450 kg)
Person Capacity 2 4 4
Recommended H.P.  4 (2-4) standard   4 (2-6) standard  6 (4-8) standard
Maximum H.P.  4 standard  6 standard  8 standard
Air Chambers  2 & keel 2 & keel  2 & keel


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