EdgeWater Boats

Maybe you’re hesitant to believe a dealer when they tell you a boat performs great and is reliable. But what about when it’s the military or law enforcement telling you that?

Recreational boaters know EdgeWater Power Boats for building high-quality center consoles and dual consoles that make for great fishing boats and family cruisers. But EdgeWater also develops and builds high-performance vessels for the military and law enforcement. And if those guys rely on EdgeWater boats for patrolling waters and chasing bad guys, you can trust EdgeWater vessels to be reliable for chasing fish and cruising with the family.

For more than 20 years, EdgeWater boats have been known for their strength, safety and reliability. They specialize in innovative, technologically-advanced small boats that are versatile and are known for providing a great ride. Their Deep V hulls are designed with Single Piece Infusion Technology, creating a hull that is a single structural unit and is not only safer, but handles great in a variety of conditions.

While EdgeWater has been building a stellar reputation for more than two decades, Bosun’s Marine has at the same time become a New England fixture. They know what it’s like to boat local waters, and they know how the versatility of EdgeWater boats matches well with the diverse needs and conditions faced by New England boaters. Renowned for their customer service, Bosun’s Marine representatives can use their experience and know-how to match boaters with the EdgeWater that’s right for them.

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